2nd Annual BioPharma India Summit

The 2nd Annual BioPharma India Summit will be held from 22-23rd September 2016. This year the exhibition will take place at the ITC Grand Maratha, Mumbai, India. 

Malvern will be giving a presentation on the optimization of biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing at the 2nd edition of this event, with a focus on the characterization, understanding, and reduction of sub-visible particles. Malvern will also have an exhibition stall at this event as a means of demonstrating our biopharmaceutical development platform. 

Michael Caves, our Business Development Manager will present a paper. 

We look forward to seeing you at the ITC Grand Maratha, Mumbai!


Dr Michael Caves is Business Development Manager at Malvern-Aimil instruments. He has spent over thirteen years working in various academic and commercial bioscience laboratories, analysing a range of materials in various contexts.His first job, in a hospital histology department, involved using antibodies to detect marker-proteins in tissue samples, aiding the medical diagnosis of various cancers. His PhD research project involved collaborating with a Cambridge-based formulation-development company (Arecor Limited) in order to study the process of protein inactivation. Following this, he worked for SGS M-Scan, a contract research organisation based in Wokingham, developing the company’s biopharmaceutical biophysical analysis and formulation development services, before moving to Malvern Instruments in 2013.