Kaohsiung Instruments & ChemTech Expo 2018: Discover higher margins for oil and petrochemical plants

Discover higher margins for your oil and petrochemical plants at kaohsiung chemtech expo 2018

From upstream petroleum exploration to better regulation of oils and fuel distribution and recycling, our multitude of X-ray fluorescence (XRF) technologies provide companies with process solutions to garner greater profits.

Upstream exploration and production:

1. Using fast and accurate at-line elemental analysis on crude oil, you can better monitor refinery feed to optimize the efficiency of your process.
2. Detection of low levels of S, Ni, V, Ca and Fe to prolong costly catalysts' lifetime and improve production performance
3. Determination of low traces of sulfur content during fuel production and blending

Insight into your production:
1. Enables on-line control of the composition of processing liquids, liquors and reagents under rough process conditions.
2. Detect traces of toxic metals and other harmful elements emitted into the environment to enable better control of production waste.

Commercial applications:
1. Ensure additives in lubricating oils comply with ASTM D6481 by testing for phosphorus, sulfur, calcium and zinc.
2. Regulate sulfur in fuels in compliance with ASTM D4294 and ISO 20847
3. Supporting optimal blending efficiency of base oils and additives
4. Grant lubricant oil testing by quantifying additives content according to international norms under ASTM D7751, ASTM D6481 and ISO 8754
5. Runs wear metal analysis in used and fresh lubricating oils.

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