Biomolecular Characterization and Light Scattering Technologies

This seminar will focus on providing tips and tricks for optimal size, zeta potential and aggregate characterization studies. HIV, targeted drug delivery and other novel research studies will be presented by scientists from Northwestern University and Malvern Instruments. Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis and exosome research will also be presented.

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Invited Speakers from the Simpson Querrey Institute for Bionanotechnology in Medicine (IBNAM), Northwestern University ;

  • Christopher V. Synatschke, Ph.D.
  • Kaylin M. McMahon
  • Armando Hernandez-Garcia, Ph.D. 

Invited Speaker from the Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University;

  • Daniel Stieh, Ph.D. 

Speakers from Malvern Instruments;

  • Ana Morfesis, Ph.D.
  • Sonja Capracotta, Ph.D.

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Deadline to register is April 7, 2015 

This seminar is free to attend

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Space is limited - register early to reserve a spot Seminar is free of charge