Malvern Live - Life Science Seminar - Cambridge

Discover – Never seen before education program enabling you to learn all the new essentials from Malvern’s leading experts. 

Interact – Put our technologies at the heart of your application. Arrange a one to one consultation with our applications and technology experts 

New – Learn more about Malvern’s latest developments.


Matthew Brown – Products Technical Manager (EMEIA)

Raul Pacheco-Gomez – Product Technical Specialist - Microcal

Anna Leczkowska – Product Technical Specialist Biophysical

John Stenson - Product Technical Specialist - GPC/SEC

Geoff Holdgate - Astra Zeneca

Silvia Sonzini – Postdoctoral Fellow, Formulation Sciences - MedImmune

Maria Greco - MedImmune

Questions les plus fréquentes

Is this event for me? 

  • Are you responsible for driving forward research, efficiency, and process within your organization? 

  • Are you looking to meet, connect and engage with leading characterization experts?  

  • Do you have a characterization or application challenge but are unsure what solution is right for you?  

  • Are you an existing Malvern instruments user looking to get more from your system?  

  • Are you simply looking for easy ways to understand the science behind our solutions? 

If you answered yes to any of the above then this event is unmissable for you. Please let us know if you have a visual or hearing impairment as we are happy to adjust to your needs

Pour en savoir plus

Some of the presentations will include live instrument demonstrations to provide a better understanding of the technique being discussed.  

Request a private consultation  

Do you have data you can’t share with the group?   
Want to talk one to one with one of our specialists?

Throughout the Malvern Live day we will be offering you the chance to book 15-20 minute* complimentary private consultation sessions so that you can get to the heart of your application challenges or simply spend some time learning about solutions relevant to your research.  

*The length of time of the consultation sessions will be subject to the number of requests. If we have a large number of requests we may only be able to offer shorter sessions however any outstanding questions will be arranged to be followed up by personal correspondence from our specialists at a later date.  

Sample testing may need to be conducted at the Malvern office in advance.