One-on-one breakfast catch up on the latest in powder XRD

From April to May, Malvern Panalytical is organizing tailored one-on-one sessions for you, our loyal end users, to learn about the latest software and technology. Take for instance our newest software - HighScore 4.6 has improvements to Rietveld analysis, instant candidates matching, PDF calculation from observed XRD scan and more. HighScore 4.6 Plus software now allows users of the Cambridge Structural Database to access both platforms seamlessly.

Interested to have a workhorse powder XRD for your laboratory?

We’ve specially brought in our newest compact XRD, Aeris to Singapore. See how you can enjoy superior powder XRD comparable to floorstanding XRD. Test the performance of Aeris by bringing along your samples.

Register your team for this tailored breakfast session with our Application Specialist, Dr Umesh Tiwari!


Dr. Umesh Tiwari