From Molecular to particle characterization - Ottawa, ON

This workshop covers a broad range of topics including particle characterization, particle sizing techniques, characterization of nanoparticles and molecules, and molecular weight determination. Learn how these techniques are used in a variety of applications. This workshops will provide the background that you need from basic theory to instrumentation and measurement techniques so that you can understand the data you obtain and optimize your results. Whether you are a newly interested researcher or already have instrumentation we will cover a broad range of topics to help you with your characterization needs.


Amer Ebied, Separations Specialist

Josemar Castillo, Product Specialist

Philip Rolfe, Product Specialist

Sonja Capracotta, Product Specialist

Li Luo, Product Specialist

Pour en savoir plus

  • Number of attendees is limited
  • Register early to ensure a place
  • Workshops are at no charge
  • No more than 3 individuals per one company