Expert X-ray fluorescence SuperQ application course on sequential-simultaneous WDXRF spectrometers

This course covers the advanced use of wavelength dispersive XRF systems (Zetium, Axios, MagiX, MagiX PRO, PW2404, PW2400, X’Unique, X’Unique II, PW1480, Axios FAST, MagiX FAST, PW2606, PW2600 or CubiX XRF) in combination with SuperQ software. Particular emphasis is placed on the use of SuperQ and Omnian software in customer-specific applications. Optimization of parameters, matrix effects, sample preparation, quantitative analysis, standardless analysis, calibration and calibration update, monitor correction and results analysis are dealt with extensively.

Course content

The course is composed of hands-on sessions carried out online using spectrometers in our Application Competence Center, Almelo, The Netherlands. It is recommend to bring applications databases and/or standards and unknown samples such that the practical’s are as similar as possible to the daily practice.

In depth application study with the possibility of using customer specific materials including:

• Parameter selection

• Qualitative & Quantitative analysis

• Application Setup

• Calibration, Matrix effect; Sources of errors

• Advanced Omnian analysis

• Calibration update & Drift correction

• Trouble shooting

• Sample preparation advice

• Special functions and features of the software