Wavelength Dispersive XRF SuperQ6 Course - Dec

Practical and theoretical aspects of X-ray fluorescence analysis using Zetium sequential wavelength dispersive spectrometers are treated in this course. Emphasis is placed on setting up traditional quantitative XRF applications, calibration and daily use of SuperQ. Practical and theoretical aspects of parameter selection, matrix effects, sample preparation and routine measurements, calibration and calibration update, monitor correction and assessment of measurement results are treated in detail. An introduction to Omnian standardless software is included. The course is composed of lectures and hands-on sessions using the Zetium spectrometers available in our Application Laboratory in Westborough MA, USA.

The following aspects will be covered during the course:
• Theory of X-ray fluorescence and instrumentation
• Qualitative and quantitative analysis
• Application setup
• Calibration, matrix effect and sources of errors
• Performing measurements
• Drift monitors, their implementation and practical use
• Introduction in to Omnian standardless analysis
• Sample preparation of fused beads, pressed pellets, loose powders and liquids

Complimentary Breakfast and Lunch

These are paid courses:
Regular $800 per day
Academic $400 per day (please use discount code ACADEMIC12) when checking out to get the full discount.