Rietveld Refinement Course

The main purpose of the 3-day Rietveld course is to provide you with a solid base for practising the Rietveld method using the HighScore Plus software package. Focus of the course is on practical training, starting from phase identification and introduction into the method and the working principles, the influence of important parameters, refinement strategies, quantification of mixtures, the quantification of amorphous material and the basics of the creation of automatic routines like batches or RoboRiet files for automatic quantification. Participants can bring their own files for the hands-on software sessions and further discussions.

For the new users of Malvern Panalytical XRD instruments we recommend first to follow the 5-day X-Ray Diffraction Course Part-1: Powder diffraction.

• provide you with a solid base for understanding and using the Rietveld method;
• effective and reliable data analysis.

• existing users of Malvern Panalytical X-Ray diffractometers who already followed the 5-day X-Ray Diffraction Course Part-1: Powder diffraction;
• new users of Malvern Panalytical X-Ray diffractometers, with at least a basic knowledge on crystallography and X-Ray diffraction.

The main aspects covered during the course are the following:
• phase identification as the basis for Rietveld refinement and quantification;
• basic theoretical aspects of Rietveld refinement;
• influence of important parameters for the refinement;
• refinement strategies;
• refinement of a single phase;
• quantification of mixtures;
• quantification of amorphous material with different methods;
• creation of batches for Rietveld refinements;
• basics of the creation of RoboRiet files for automatic analyses.

This is a paid course. The course fee includes hotel accommodation, lunches and transport from the hotel to our facility. Please contact your local Malvern Panalytical representative for pricing information, travel and accommodation enquiries.

Minimum number of participants: 3
Maximum number of participants: 12

Registration closing date: April 6th 2020