HighScore Plus XRD User Training Quantitative Phase Analysis and Rietveld Refinement- October Course

HighScore Plus XRD User Training: Quantitative Phase Analysis and Rietveld Refinement

This online course is focused on using whole pattern fitting techniques, such as the Rietveld method, for quantitative phase analysis (QPA) of

X-ray powder diffraction data. The course combines 3 days of live online instruction plus supplemental prerecorded video.

Live instruction is focused on the applications of quantitative phase analysis and amorphous quantification using advanced whole pattern fitting techniques such as the Rietveld method, direct derivative method (DDM), PONKCS, and using batches to automate analysis. The principals of the Rietveld method explored in the class are applicable to other analyses, such as crystallite size calculations and crystal structure refinement, but these applications will not be directly taught during the live sessions. These other topics, which often interest some but not all attendees of the class, will be covered in prerecorded videos. Live discussion sessions will be scheduled to answer questions that attendees might have after watching the videos.

This course assumes that you know the basics of using HighScore for phase identification (ie search-match). If you do not, it is highly recommended that you attend the “HighScore Basic XRD User Training” course.

Most of the advanced techniques taught in this course require the Plus option for HighScore. A temporary copy can be provided if you do not already own HighScore Plus (or if you are attending the course from a home computer), but please remember that you will not be able to use these capabilities in the future without the Plus option for HighScore.

The course is designed to be as close to one-on-one training as possible, using extensive practical worked examples.

The Mon. 4th, Wed. 6th, and Fri. 8th scheduling of the class is intended to give you time between sessions to review concepts, work on practice examples, and come up with questions. Time will be scheduled to answer questions unique to your applications and, if allowable, we can use your data for the worked examples in the class. Because of this intimate and interactive nature, course seats are limited.

This is a paid course: Standard Industry $1200 per person, Academic or Government $600 per person.

We reserve the right to cancel courses due to insufficient enrollment or unforeseen circumstances.