Advances In Microcalorimetry – ITC Virtual Users meeting


We are pleased to announce our MicroCal Isothermal Titration  Calorimetry (ITC) Virtual User Meeting.  This initiative is to foster  the exchange of knowledge and experience between our applications  support group and the researchers that regularly use a MicroCal ITC  system (VP-ITC, iTC200, and PEAQ-ITC). Presentations will be given by  Malvern Panalytical ITC experts, as well as researchers in the ITC  community.  The meeting will conclude with an open Q+A session.  The  MicroCal Community is invited to submit specific questions in advance  of the Virtual User Meeting, as well as at the live event.  Email your  questions to Muneera Beach by October 29, 2021.

Who should attend?

ITC  users, scientists interested in binding interactions, Any researcher  quantifying activity, stability, or binding of proteins, RNA, or small  molecules. Researchers interested in SARS-CoV-2 variant interactions,  enzymatic regulation, proteins with disordered domains.

What will you learn?

Scientists  will learn how ITC advances life science and drug discovery around the  globe.  Updates to our data analysis software and tips and tricks for  producing great data will be discussed.