Introduction to XRD data analysis (Brisbane)

Running your samples on your X-ray diffractometer is just the initial phase of your samples analysis. Many often find it challenging to properly treat their XRD scans and interpret its implications. As part of Malvern Panalytical’s series of workshops across the different states, we invite our application specialists to share their knowledge. We are offering a free 1-day introduction to XRD data analysis workshop. Learn about the basics to phase identification, phase quantification, Rietveld analysis. Get practice time on how to analyse and treat your samples using case study examples. What more, you will receive guidance from our application specialists and trainer, Dr Thomas Deagen, who is the software developer for HighScore.

What you stand to learn during this 1 day introductory course:
1. Hone the basics to XRD analysis
2. Practice using case study examples
3. Receive a free 3-month trial license of HighScore software
4. Get trained by our application specialists and developer of the HighScore software

Interested on more advanced training including Rietveld analysis and amorphous quantification methods?

  1. Join our paid course which continues on days 2 and 3. More details can be found here
  2. Special student prices are available. 
  3. This programme is also organised in Sydney at UNSW.


Dr Thomas Deagen, Developer of HighScore Software
Hari Bhaskar, Application Specialist, Malvern Panalytical
Dr Olga Narygina, Application Specialist, Malvern Panalytical

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Who should attend:
• Beginners with basic knowledge of Powder pattern treatments wanting to learn more
• XRD users who are using any brand of XRD system

Course requirements
• Bring your own laptops and ensure admin rights have been issued for installation with the latest HighScore Plus trial license
• Recommended Laptop configuration to bring : Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate (64bit) with SP1 or Windows 8.1 Pro (64bit), minimum 4 GB RAM with CD drive or USB slot. Internet Explorer vs 8 minimum. Other OS Win XP or 32 bit Win 7 or Win 8 not advisable to use. Apple MAC computers are not supported.