Malvern Panalytical’s HighScore Plus is a powerful software platform used for X-ray Diffraction data analysis including pattern treatment, phase identification, crystallographic analysis, quantification methods (including Rietveld refinements and quantification of amorphous content) and several other new features. The training course is aimed at personnel interested in learning various aspects of using the software for different data analysis methods.

It is a 3-day course, covering theoretical aspects of XRD data analysis. But more importantly, it provides a lot of opportunity for hands-on experience in using the software on your own laptop. What's more, there will also be various opportunities for one-on-one consultations with our specialists. You may use this time to discuss the challenging analysis cases.

Participants are expected to use their own laptops  for this training. As part of the course, you will get the latest HighScore Plus trial version software. The HighScore software can handle XRD data collected from most of the XRD brands in the market and is an offline software, so the course is brand neutral. The course will be conducted by our regional XRD application specialist and XRD experts from our factory in the Netherlands.