Superior XRF analysis with combined WD and ED cores using SumXcore technology and Zetium

Elemental analysis using XRF technologies are techniques used for a wide range of application types. Typically two different technologies are used, namely ED and WD XRF. Each deliver unique benefits and this webinar will discuss the benefits of combining them using SumXcore technology compared to using them on their own.

This webinar will focus on the benefits of the ED and WD XRF combination and how this is translated into real life applications in various industries. The benefits include speed and throughput gains by up to 50%, precision improvements, seeing the unexpected, enhanced quality control and confidence, and dual compliance.

SumXcore technology brings advantages not seen with individual technologies on their own. This webinar will include a live question and answer session for our attendees.

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Panelist: Christos works as the Zetium Product Manager at PANalytical working specifically with XRF research and development projects. Before joining PANalytical, Christos worked in the mining industry, with Anglo American in South Africa, for 7 years. Here he worked across the value chain of mining, providing XRF and QAQC technical support to laboratories, or developing new XRF methods.