Enhance your productivity and analytical performance with TheOx Advanced® fusion instrument

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TheOx Advanced® is the new version of the world-renowned TheOx®. Improved analytical performance, additional safety features and increased robustness are only a few examples of the benefits of this newest generation of fusion instruments.

Designed by our experts in sample preparation by fusion to suit our customers’ ever-changing needs, it guarantees high analytical performance and brings a quick return on investment. It also ensures a high fusion success rate, for all the range of samples prepared by fusion for XRF and ICP analysis, from mining to cosmetic samples, including refractories, cement, catalysts, coal, ferro-alloys and many more.
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Panelist: Chantal Audet
Chantal Audet is Product Manager for the instruments department at Claisse since 2010. Chantal joined Claisse in 2004 as a Technical Representative for different territories such as South America, Asia and the United States. This field experience with sample preparation by fusion allows her to deeply understand the customers’ needs and participate in product development accordingly. Our team joined PANalytical in 2014, and our expertise fused with theirs results in the creation of outstanding products due to our joined expertise.