Solving structure from powder XRD data: tutorial and best practice

The live webinar will show how to solve a crystal structure from powder data using the Empyrean diffractometer and the HighScore software suite [1]. We will discuss the requirements for solving a crystal structure from powder data and we will show recent examples of some vanadates among which a new larnite/belite structure [2]. Furthermore, as phase transitions may appear as function of temperature, the best practice for high-temperature measurements will be presented.

The webinar targets researchers interested to learn how to solve a structure from powder X–ray data and in particular using PANalytical’s HighScore suite. Additionally, people interested in the larnite and belite structures could learn how the chemistry stabilizing this structure type can be extended to open avenues for a better understanding of the crystal chemistry of this important crystal type in the cement industry and in mineralogy.

This webinar will include a live question and answer session for our attendees

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Gwilherm Nénert studied Physics and Chemistry of Materials in Rennes (France) and Groningen (the Netherlands) where he was looking at the interplay between structure and properties of inorganic materials. Later on he developed expertise in neutron scattering while being in Grenoble at the Institut Laue Langevin (France) before joining PANalytical in 2013.