Date d'enregistrement: September 17 2020

(This webinar will be conducted in Mandarin)

In recent years, materials such as ZnO and GaN have become integral towards various thin film applications. For instance, solar energy conversion, piezoelectric nanogeneration (for wearable devices) as a photocatalyst and more. To optimise the performance of the material, whether its properties for storage, electrical conductivity etc, it is critical that researchers gain a deeper understanding of its structural characterisation by way of X-ray diffraction.

We invite you to gain a deeper understanding of thin film materials research during our free workshop. We have specially invited guest speakers from our supply center in the Netherlands as well as our application specialist in Taiwan with many years of experience working in the semiconductor industry. They will be discussing the latest applications as well as latest X-ray diffractometers on hand to support your research. Look forward to practical case studies to aid the interpretation of peak displacement, peak broadening or peak overlap with advanced methodologies RSM or reciprocal space mapping. See how Malvern Panalytical now brings this to the next level with URSM for ultra-fast reciprocal space mapping, where data can now be collected in as little as 30 seconds.

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深入了解XRD最新的應用,包括超高速倒異空間圖譜分析技術 (URSM)


誠摯地邀請您參加此研習會,加深對薄膜材料研究的了解,我們特別邀請了來自荷蘭研究中心以及來自台灣有著多年半導體工作經驗的應用專家,講者將討論最新的應用和最新的X光繞射儀,來幫助您的研究,我們期待能與您進行實際案例研究,以進階方法-倒異空間圖譜分析技術(RSM),解釋繞射峰位移(peak displacement)、繞射峰寬化(peak broadening) 或繞射峰重疊(peak overlap)。這次我們將帶您了解Malvern Panalytical現在如何通過URSM將研究帶入另一個新的高度,使用超高速倒異空間圖譜分析技術,可以在30秒內完成數據收集。

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