CLS-logo.png Immunotherapies for cancer work with a patient’s immune system to increase anti-tumor responses. Syngeneic mouse models allow the study of novel cancer immunotherapies in the presence of a functional immune system compared to other in vivo models e.g. xenograft models.

We know using in vivo mouse models is an important translational step in your immuno-oncology pre-clinical phases. 

Our services

We offer several syngeneic tumor models e.g. B16.OVA and Lewis Lung models that can be coupled with many of our custom in vitro assay readouts to allow detailed MOA interrogation within the TME.

Our immunology and specialist histology expertise ensures robust analysis and reporting of your in vivo model. We can perform histological analysis from routine H&E up to 9-plex multiplex immunofluorescent staining on a single section. Our flow experts can design customized panels where required and we can also support with ELISA, multiplex, qPCR and NGS readouts.

We work closely with you to optimize existing or validate new in vivo models based on your requirements to accelerate your best route to clinic.

Get in touch to find out how we can support your tumor model requirements.