Exhausted T cell assays

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We have developed a murine exhausted CD4+ T cell assay, an important tool to test the efficacy of compounds in reversing T cell exhaustion and restoring normal effector function.

Exhaustion of T cells in the tumor microenvironment (TME) results in a reduced capacity to mount an effective immune response to the proliferating tumor.

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Our moderate-throughput assay is ideal for evaluating the efficacy of compounds able to modulate checkpoint targets on immune cells. Your compounds can be tested against our validated reference controls. Several readouts are available to suit your requirements, including proliferation (e.g. Ki-67, CFSE) and cytokine analysis (e.g. IFN-γ).

The basis of our proprietary assay centers around our TCR transgenic CD4+ T cells, which can be stimulated with WT-MBP to induce a fully responsive effector T cell, or with an altered ligand MBP (APL-MBP), which acts as a superagonist to generate exhausted T cells. These cells effectively mimic the exhausted state of T cells in the tumor microenvironment so are highly relevant to immuno-oncology research.

Building upon our reputation for innovation, we are currently validating the first human exhausted CD8+ T cell assay.

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