CLS-logo.png A simple, highly sensitive and precise solution for multiplex analysis of up to 800 RNA, DNA or protein targets. NanoString’s nCounter® technology is a variation on the DNA microarray, providing a digital count of transcript numbers within each sample using colour coded molecular barcodes.

Our services

We work closely with you to provide rational and stepwise discovery programs, which will provide insight into the signaling pathways, regulation of downstream genes and the target cell types of your drug candidate. Our NanoString and NGS services can help inform you on your best route to clinic.

Key advantages of NanoString:

  • Profile up to 800 RNA (mRNA, microRNAs, SNVs, CNVs), DNA or protein targets
  • Off-the-shelf and custom panels for Oncology, Immunology and Neuroscience
  • Less precious sample material required
  • Optimized for difficult sample types e.g. FFPE, tissue, crude-cell lysates and biofluids
  • Human and mouse
  • Accurate & faster than qPCR (no amplification steps), simpler than NGS

NanoString is available as a readout to our custom in vitro, in vivo and ex vivo assay systems. Alternatively, send us your samples for RNA extraction or as pre-extracted RNA, we tailor to you.

Not sure if NanoString or NGS is the best approach for you? Talk to us today about how we can support your discovery programs, accelerating your route to clinic.