CLS-logo.png Astrocytes are a particular target cell of interest in the nervous system for developing treatments for brain injuries. As the most abundant type of glial cell (non-neuronal cell) in the brain, astrocytes contribute to homeostasis and provide support and protection for neurons. Astrocytes play a fundamental role in the repair and scarring processes of the brain and spinal cord. 

Understanding how astrocytes respond to your drug candidate is key to bringing your treatment to market.

Our services

We offer a variety of astrocyte assays to help you study the nuances of astrocyte interaction with your drug candidate. We offer customizable monocultures, co-cultures and ex vivo brain slice assays to understand your compound or target.

Whether you are studying neurodegenerative conditions or neuroinflammation, our expert scientists can guide you to answer your questions around astrocyte polarisation and function, speeding up your drug discovery programs.

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