Improve your margins while delivering high grade and safe materials.

Industries are constantly under pressure to deliver high quality products at competitive prices. Malvern Panalytical offers solutions to companies across industries to improve their margins and process at various stages from R & D, manufacturing, in-bound / outbound QC and more.


Numerous companies are already conducting outbound QC by way of particle size distribution analysis. But why are colour pigments turning up dull? Or why are plastics still getting easily scratched? If only they paid more attention to their in-bound raw materials screening. For instance, checking for impurities and hazardous limits of unwanted elements through elemental analysis with XRF

Mining exploration:

With the depletion of good grade ores, it is important to be strategic on where to mine. Conduct field analysis using benchtop XRF and handheld NIR solutions. Checking your raw bulk materials before shipment is also possible with in-line cross belt analysis.

Environmental: Governments and industries are closely monitoring air quality

An increase in manufacturing sees an increase in unhealthy levels of nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide. Governments and industries can now easily monitor their air quality with benchtop XRF solutions to detect the elemental composition of particle matter in ambient air (complying with EPA I03-3). Manufacturing industries can also monitor their mining waste such as mining liquors for heavy metals emitted into the environment through in-line elemental analysis.

Oil refinery: Improve your oil refinery’s margins as much as €250,000 annually and protect against unnecessary downtime. Plants save on catalyst replacements with on-line detection of dangerous catalyst killers like Ni, Fe, V. Precise detection of chlorine even in low concentrations prevent pipe corrosions at your plants.

Advanced materials research: Manufacture better quality materials by testing the material’s performance under different environmental conditions such as stress, pressure, temperature, humidity and more. Leverage on a combination of analytical methods to gain more insight to your material’s chemical and structural composition.

Speaker series:

1) Speaker: Arda Yogatama, Sales Engineer

Speaker profile: Mr Arda Yogatama graduated from the Material Science University of Indonesia. As the Sales Engineer in charge of Malvern Panalytical material characterization instrumentation. In his role, he helps customers across industries including mining, metals, materials research and more to deliver better quality products while optimizing their processes and bottom line. He will be sharing our latest products for mining and research like the new and superior benchtops - Aeris XRD and Epsilon 4 XRF.

Timeslot: Friday, 6 April 2018, time 13.10 – 13.55

Venue: Technical Seminar Room 5

2) Speaker: Mrs Wiji Rahayu, Application Specialist

Speaker profile: Mrs Wiji Rahayu graduated from Diponegoro University and has been an Application Specialist in Malvern Panalytical for years. With invaluable experience, she has helped many industries including pharmaceuticals and academia to provide critical information that accelerates research and development. Her expertise helps to maximize the potential of established techniques in reaching key business targets. She will be sharing on particle size analysis for pharmaceuticals and academia research while featuring our brand new Morphologi 4 and the class leading Mastersizer 3000.

Timeslot: Friday, 6 April 2018, time 15.00-15.45

Venue: Technical seminar Room 4

Lab Indonesia 2018 

Find out how you can solve your company problems by heading to our Malvern Panalytical (Spectris) booth (F10) at the Lab Indonesia Exhibition held at the Jakarta Convention Center. Get to meet our product specialists and bring samples for free analytical testing. For more information about Lab Indonesia, check out here.


- Arda Yogatama, Sales Engineer

- Mrs Wiji Rahayu, Application Specialist