XRF demonstration (Singapore)

With the pressure on raising production levels efficiently, many look for ways to enhance their work processes.

Allow us to introduce an alternative to traditional elemental analysis techniques like ICP and AAS where your company gains in fast, safe, accurate and repeatable results at low running costs.

We invite you to a breakfast session with our experts to learn about our latest solution - Epsilon 4 and demonstrate its high performance with your samples analysis.

Lubricating Oil:

Enjoy a faster method of quantifying additives in your lubricants. Adhere to international test methods and norms for elements such as Mg, P, S, Cl, Ca, Mo, Zn (ASTM D7751, ASTM D6481, ISO 8754), for tighter quality control.

Petrochemicals and Fuels:

Find out how you can maximise uptime and increase the efficiency of your production process, by having quicker (faster than its predecessor) analytical solutions across different parts of the value chain. Plus, you can Save up to €190,000 annually for oils and fuels production by detecting low levels of S, Ni, V, Ca and Fe, hence prolonging costly catalysts’ lifetime.


Pick up tips on how to ensure your hazardous elements stay within safe and compliant levels during polymer production, through elemental screening of raw materials and outbound checking for quality assurance. Tips include early detection of additives like Na, Mg, Al as well as for RoHS restricted elements like Cd, Cr, Pb, Hg and Br (ASTM F2617, IEC 62321)


Join us:

Learn more at our breakfast session where our specialists will share these tips for your plant and lab processes. What’s more, feel free to bring your own samples for testing on our XRF benchtop.