Virtual Epsilon XRF User Training - April Course

Malvern Panalytical is please to offer this two day On-line fundamental and practical techniques of X-ray Fluorescence analysis using the Epsilon 1, Epsilon 3X and Epsilon 3XLE bench top EDXRF spectrometer range are treated in this course. Particular emphasis is placed on the practical use of the spectrometer in conjunction with its software.

Practical aspects of parameter selection, matrix effects, sample preparation, qualitative and quantitative analysis, standardless analysis using Omnian, calibration and analysis results are addressed extensively.

The course is composed of lectures and practical sessions, covered by

exercises and tutorials on the bench top systems, within our application laboratory, in Westborough Massachusetts.

The following aspects will be covered during the course:

  • Physics of X-rays
  • The X-ray spectrometer
  • SSD detector and its properties
  • Instrumental parameters
  • Statistics
  • Matrix effects
  • Sample preparation
  • Set-up application including calibration
  • Measurement of unknown samples
  • Standardless analysis

This is a paid course: Industry 400 per participant per day; Academic and Government 200 per participant per day. If you have a voucher please send an email to us.

Course registration will close on April 13 or as soon as the class fills. Don't wait - register early.

We reserve the right to cancel courses due to insufficient enrollment or unforeseen circumstances.