Dolomite Microfluidics speeds and simplifies nanomaterial development workflow with Malvern Panalytical’s Zetasizer Ultra

Dolomite Microfluidics specializes in the production of high-performance nano- and microparticles which are precision-engineered for advanced functionality and encapsulation. These materials have unique properties determined by their size, shape and architecture which enable them to be used as specialized research tools within biomedicine, diagnostic imaging and industrial catalysis. They depend on technologies which can accurately characterize these 5 nm – 500 µm particles, ensuring that their size and morphology both lie within tightly-controlled limits. Their go-to technique to manage these requirements was transmission electron microscopy (TEM), a reliable yet expensive, time-consuming and therefore low-throughput process which became a limiting factor in their production efficiency. 

Pavel Abdulkin, Particle Works’ Co-Founder and the Head of Chemistry at Dolomite Microfluidics, said: “By using the Zetasizer Ultra to test our samples we were able to significantly reduce the amount of TEM that we perform, which has enabled us to streamline both our R&D process and our Quality Control, and significantly reduce our analytical costs. Our sample throughput has increased dramatically – we are now looking at around one month per development cycle, as opposed to the 12 months this originally required.”


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