CLS-logo.png Concept Life Sciences discovery platform was designed with contemporary drug discovery in mind. Our critical disciplines are co-located in modern, well equipped laboratories supported by advanced analytical and quality management capabilities to expedite the development of our client’s small molecule and biologics based therapeutics regardless of target class or therapeutic area.

Coordinate and optimize the key drug discovery activities

Concept tightly coordinates and optimizes the key drug discovery activities including chemistry, pharmacology and drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics which facilitates a reduction in the make, test, design cycle time – negating any unnecessary shipping costs or delays. This provides our clients an efficient optimization process to rapidly identify molecules that meet their target candidate profile.

We have the capability to provide dedicated multidisciplinary program teams to design, deliver and manage whole programs from inception to candidate selection. Embedded in this process is a common quality management system to ensure data integrity, client IP protection and a dedicated project manager is assigned to provide consistency in quality, transparent communication and timely delivery of program objectives.

Real-world industrial experience, gained through many years in the pharma and biotech drug discovery industry, is inherent in Concept’s drug discovery team. We deliver flexible services which complement our clients’ existing capabilities including the development of bespoke assays, solutions or additional capacity.

Our screening technologies support target based or phenotypic screening across multiple target classes and therapeutic areas. These are complimented by our expertise in computational chemistry which supports virtual screening and rationale drug design approaches such as fragment-based drug discovery.

We enable access to ethically sourced human tissue to facilitate the development and miniaturization of more complex translational assays particularly in immunology, immuno oncology and neuroscience where it is difficult to model complex cell-cell interactions.

Coordinated services

To expedite transition of molecules through discovery and into development, ensuring continuity of service and a seamless transition to regulatory studies required for IND submission, our project managers and pre-clinical experts can coordinate critical activities required for:

  • Candidate selection
  • Bioanalysis
  • Chemical development and analysis
  • Process research and development
  • API manufacture (GMP)
  • Batch release