The 2nd Annual InkJet Conference 2015 will be held at Dusseldorf, Germany from 7 - 8 October, 2015. 

Wednesday 8th October - Track 1 - 5pm  

Anne Virden our Product technical Specialist will give a lecture on "Made to measure! Characterising and optimising particle size for Inkjet applications

Inkjet technology and the printing flexibility it offers is enabling a rapid growth in industrial and commercial inkjet printing. Modern inkjet print heads can be designed and configured to print on many different substrates, and can produce functional 3D structures as well as 2D images. The inks used for a specific application must meet certain criteria; firstly they must be printable and secondly they must produce the desired decorative effect or functionality when printed. The particle size of pigment or other solid components is critical for meeting these criteria, since properties of the ink such as opacity, colour, hue, tinting strength, gloss, durability, stability and also ink viscosity are dependent on them. In this talk we will discuss the importance of particle size measurements, including laser diffraction and dynamic light scattering, for evaluating and controlling pigment size for optimum printing performance.

We are sponsoring the event and we hope to see you there in October!