GOLD 2022

Venue: Quebec City Convention Center

Date: July 17-20 2022

Location: Québec, QC, Canada

GOLD 2022 will be the 9th edition of the International conference series, following GOLD 2018 in Paris. As a material, gold has experienced renewed interest from the scientific community during these last decades. It started with the field of catalysis by gold nanoparticles, and it is now expanding to booming scientific areas such as homogeneous catalysis, plasmonics, materials sciences, biotechnology, nanotechnology and therapeutic applications. The science of gold has thus become a highly multidisciplinary field.

To keep the scientific community informed and aware of the latest advances in the field of gold for high-technology applications, the Gold 2022 committee organized a series of Webinars on each one of the main scientific topics of the conference (see below). These Webinars have contributed to the organization of the conference and its structuring in the most optimal and dynamic manner.


Dr. Robert Cocciardi

Dr. Robert Cocciardi has over 15 years experience in the field of infrared and near-infrared spectroscopy. He graduated with a Bachelor`s degree in Biochemistry in 1996 and in 2003 completed his Doctoral degree at McGill University in the Department of Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry with the McGill Infrared Group. 

After graduating, Robert continued to work with infrared spectroscopy as a post-doctoral fellow developing new methods for lubricant condition monitoring. In 2007 he was hired as a near-infrared applications scientist at Bruker Optics in Massachusetts. In 2011 Robert transitioned into sales of NIR spectrometers in Canada first as a representative for Bruker and then joined Analytical Spectral Devices (ASD), a division of Malvern Panalytical in 2016 where he managed sales of the FieldSpec, TerraSpec and LabSpec.