Safeguarding your production and bottomline (Taiwan) - 26 Nov slot

The quality of concrete determines the smoothness of a road surface and the sturdiness of a building. Monitoring the amount of paint coating that you apply – whether it is too little or too much. All these can be achieved by cleverly monitoring the particle size of your raw materials. In this free workshop by Malvern Panalytical and DKSH, our specialists will discuss about how cement, steel and other manufacturing companies can improve their production quality control. Not able to attend on this date? This workshop also takes place on 25 November. Register for it here.

What you can learn:

• Learn how to monitor product stability, performance in finished product
• For instance prevention of cracks in cement and steel
• Ensuring proper amount of layer coatings of paint or precious metals on electronics
• This is through different methods like particle size monitoring, X-ray diffraction
• Hands on demonstration with data analysis and interpretation
• Network and pick up new skills

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