GPC User Training course (MAL17EV1)

This three day course will prepare the user for confident and independent use of advance multi-detector GPC/SEC. Each day will comprise practical and software exercises, together with tutorials, that are designed to help the user to understand the fundamental elements of instrument use from acquisition to analysis. Users will benefit from significant hands-on training, as well as guidance on how to achieve the best data, instrument maintenance and troubleshooting


Amy Ross, Applications Scientist:

Amy studied for her undergraduate masters in chemistry at the University of Birmingham, where she studied the design and synthesis of ferrocene triazole peptide zippers and the interaction with both target and non-specific DNA. After graduating she worked at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham as the lead research technician on the multi-centre clinical trial TACERA. 

Amy joined Malvern Instruments in April 2013 as part of the applications team, where she has since broadened her range of expertise by becoming the team specialist for the Malvern GPC/SEC products.