New detector grand launch: Bringing new wonder to challenging XRD research (Asia Pacific timezone)

Earlier you had seen the launch of our Empyrean series 3. With its unique multi-core optics, we introduced convenience, little or no operator training and the ability to handle different samples types for high end research. The Empyrean series 3 is able to handle a variety of sample types from powder, thin films, nanomaterials and more. What’s more you can pre-load the samples in our automated batch sampler, press a button to analyse and step away to do other work. No more hassle of changing optics or waiting by your instrument to finish each experiment.

High-end X-ray diffraction is ultimately about flexibility and efficiency in data collection and ultimate quality of data. Detectors play a central role in X-ray experiments in terms of measuring the physical, structural and chemical properties of materials in fine detail. And further to the Empyrean series 3 model, Malvern Panalytical continually innovates our line of X-ray diffractometers and accessories to support more high-end research. With this, we have designed and engineered a new XRD to continually support your challenging XRD research. 

Join the grand unveiling of our newest detector during the asia pacific timezone 
- Tackle absorption, reflection, scattering, fluorescence and other challenging samples with ease
- Great for high-end XRD research
- Whether in thin films, nanomaterials, hard radiation, pharmaceuticals and more
- Bringing superior XRD data quality and performance to the next level
- Power packed combination when paired with our Empyrean series 3 X-ray diffractometer
- Why not read more in our blog
- Be part of our live demo and judge for yourself! 

Interested to improve your XRD data analysis and interpretation? Scroll down to register your interest in our series of XRD webinars.


Dr Bao ZhaoHui(鲍朝辉), Senior X-ray Diffraction, Applications Specialist at Malvern Panalytical

Dr Bao has been working at Malvern Panalytical's supply center in the Netherlands for more than 7 years. His specialty is in X-ray diffraction, which can be to uniquely identify and quantify materials based on their crystal structure or to check for phase changes or the integrity or performance of the material under pressure, temperature, humidity changes. ZhaoHui completed his PhD in Materials Science at the Instiut National Polytechnice de Grenoble, France. He carried out his PhD fellowship at the European Commission in Germany where he focused on developing and characterising epitaxial oxide thin films. Today, Dr Bao shares his knowledge with clients who want to expand their research or industrial applications using XRD. This is through guest speaking at conferences and online seminars as well as product demonstrations.

Dr Fabio Masiello, Product Manager for X-ray diffraction, Malvern Panalytical


Who should attend?
• R and D and manufacturing leaders responsible for appropriate analytics selection
• Anyone who is interested in keeping up to date of the market's new XRD technological platforms
• Researchers involved in materials characterization analysis who want to expand their knowledge in X-ray diffraction
• Relevant industries include (but are not limited to) those researching on thin films, battery, powder metallurgy, cement, mining and minerals, environmental monitoring, pharmaceuticals and more
• Scientists engaged in method development for new materials or in supporting root cause analysis investigations in support of product manufacturing

How long is this webinar?
45 minutes is the intended speaker time with additional time for addressing queries.

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