MHC-trans – multi-sample humidity chamber

Optimized solution for XRD at controlled temperature and humidity

The Anton Paar MHC-trans chamber is a dedicated chamber for in situ powder X-ray diffraction measurements at controlled temperature and humidity conditions. The chamber is designed for transmission geometry (foils) and has a built-in sample changer with 8 sample positions for high throughput applications. It has an environmental heater enabling temperatures from -10 to 150 ºC in dry atmosphere (dry air or nitrogen gas). The relative humidity can be changed from 5 to 95 %rH at temperatures from 10 to 80 ºC. The thermocouple and humidity sensor are in the direct vicinity of the sample for accurate measurement and control of both temperature and relative humidity. The chamber is equipped with a beam stop for an improved low-angle background.

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Dedicated setup for experiments with controlled temperature and relative humidity

The MHC-trans is a dedicated chamber for in situ X-ray diffraction with controlled temperature and humidity conditions. It is ideal for in situ studies of dynamic crystal structure changes, phase transformation, chemical reactions and so on in organic and inorganic polycrystalline materials. Thanks to the chamber design not only dry powders but also liquid dispersions/suspensions can be studied. The transmission geometry of MHC-trans enables basic SAXS measurements.