XRF userday workshop (Kaohsiung)

Are you interested to improve the way that you’re analysing your samples? We invite you to join our one-day complimentary user day workshop. Our specialists will share about how to optimise the different functionalities of the software as well as how to improve your analysis in relation to matrix effects. Better data quality and analysis is reliant on various other factors. For instance, good sample preparation, proper system set up and calibration standards for analysing known and unknown samples. Stay up to date on the latest advancements in technology, analytical techniques and software that can help your work.

Who should join?
1. Existing users of Malvern Panalytical's XRF spectrometers: Axios, Zetium, Epsilon 5, Epsilon 1, Minipal and more
2. We also welcome users from other brands, who simply want to improve their elemental analysis and data interpretation


更好的資料品質和分析需要仰賴其他各種因素。例如如何更好地準備樣品、適當的儀器設定和校準標準品,以分析已知和未知的樣品。我們的應用專家將會分享如何使用 X 光螢光技術來收集和分析資料。他們將討論常見問題,例如如何克服基質效應,或是如何以最佳方式分析未知樣品。會中內容包含使用 XRF 軟體與儀器的理論、應用及示範。此外,我們的應用專家也會分享最新技術進展、分析技術與軟體,來協助您提高元素分析知識。


• Malvern Panalytical XRF 的使用者

• 有興趣使用XRF提高元素分析的知識


** This session will be conducted in mandarin by Malvern Panalytical's Application team
** This session is free of charge
** Not using Malvern Panalytical's instrumentation? No problem, we welcome anyone who wants to learn more about elemental analysis