Зафиксированная дата: November 12 2015

Duration: 45 minutes 0 seconds

Advanced XRD analysis of geological samples on modern multipurpose diffraction platforms – looking beyond simple powder diffraction

Powder X-ray diffraction analysis has traditionally been applied to mineralogical samples for decades in order to identify and quantify the minerals in various types of rocks. Recent developments in the field of XRD like the emergence of modern multipurpose diffraction platforms and the development of 2-dimensional detectors, result in a variety of new applications suitable for the characterization of geological materials. In this webinar we will introduce several new applications, such as phase distribution mapping and computed tomography, and show how the combination of multiple analytical approaches can improve our understanding of the properties and the formation of rocks. The webinar will cover basic explanations of the various techniques and show several examples. In addition we will demonstrate a case study showing the successful combination of powder diffraction, microdiffraction and CT analysis to characterize a meteorite sample. This webinar targets industrial as well as academic XRD users working in the field of geology and mineralogy.