SAXS on a dilute, low contrast micellar solution of a surfactant

SAXS measurements were performed on a set of nanoparticle size reference materials from NIST. The experimental data acquired with ScatterX78 were analyzed with the EasySAXS software to determine the nanoparticle size distributions. All results were found to be precise and accurate, and in good agreement with the values given by NIST. Additional tests on multi-modal particle size distributions demonstrated the power of the indirect Fourier transformation approach for data analysis.

SAXS measurements were performed on a dilute solution of glucose isomerase. By using ScatterX78 experimental data could be acquired with good sensitivity and within short measurement times. The EasySAXS data analysis software was used to deduce information about the size, compactness, overall shape and aggregation behavior of the protein molecules. All results were found to be consistent and in good agreement with what has been reported in the scientific literature. 


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