XRF User Day in Singapore Office: Better elemental precision and accuracy - Petrochemicals focused

In-person User Days are back! And we would like to invite our end users and anyone who is interested to learn more about non-destructive elemental analysis using X-ray fluorescence to this training session. To welcome you back, we are extending this FREE invite to you. RSVP as seats are limited.

One-on-one appointments

Got a challenge with your XRF analysis? Want to learn more about different calibration standards? Or simply get time to view our other complementary techniques like XRD, particle size and NIR? Book a one-on-one appointment with our Senior Applications Manager over here

What’s new since the previous user day event:


09:15Precision & accuracy starts with learning the basics of XRF technologyBrijendra Srivastava, Snr Applications Manager
10:00  Sampling, sample preparation & types of calibration for better elemental precision
11:15XRF instrument handling demonstration and opportunity for hands-on

Expand your applications for analysis of petrol, lube oil, additives, catalysts and more, using complementary technologies like

- Particle size analysis using laser diffraction
- Structural / phase analysis using X-ray diffraction
- Remote sensing and ground truthing using near infra-red 

Calvin Wong, Applications Specialist, DKSH

Dr Umesh Tiwari, Global Manager for Advanced Materials

Dr Zhang LiHong, Application Specialist for NIR

13:30Round robin product demonstration and data analysis
Till 18:00    30min one-on-one slots with our experts. Book here

Got a friend from environmental monitoring or other industries? Check out our free User Day programme on 2nd August here


  • Brijendra Nath Srivastava, Senior Applications Manager, Malvern Panalytical
    Brijendra, based in India take care of the regional team of application specialists across India, South East Asia, Australia and Taiwan. His specialty is in elemental analysis using X-ray fluorescence as well as fusion sample preparation. He has more than 35 years of elemental analysis in mining, minerals, research and other industrial applications. In his role, he is frequently involved in not only applications support but also the training and commissioning of XRF instrumentation for the laboratory and field. Prior to joining Malvern Panalytical, he was the Chief Chemist in Minex Metallurgy where he was responsible for the quality control of raw materials and finished projects as well as the development of new alloys. He was also working with the Indian Bureau of Mines dealing with various ores and minerals, concentrates and tailings.

  • Dr Umesh Tiwari, Global Manager for Advanced materials segment
    Dr Tiwari takes care of Malvern Panalytical's analytical solutions and imparting knowledge within the advanced materials industries. These include research and manufacturing of batteries, thin films, specialty chemicals, powder metallurgy, as well as environmental monitoring. Dr Tiwari has a career within Malvern Panalytical that spans almost 20 years. He has been closely associated with generic pharmaceuticals, thin films and batteries across the asia pacific region. A physicist by education, he has profound knowledge of various X-ray analytical techniques and the intricacies of method development with regulatory compliance. He has co-authored nearly 25 research papers during his carrier as research scientist.

  • Dr Zhang LiHong, Application Specialist for near infra-red solutions, Malvern Panalytical


Who should attend?

  • End users of Malvern Panalytical X-ray fluorescence instrumentation
  • Anyone working with petrochemical related samples. This ranges from the analysis of petrol, lube oil, additives, polymers, catalysts and more

What you will learn during the training:

  • Learn from our expert who will specially travel to Singapore: Brijendra Srivastava, Senior Applications Manager for ISEAA region
  • Tips on how to improve your elemental precision and accuracy
  • Starting with learning the basics of sampling, sample handling and preparation, types of calibration and support for your XRF
  • Data analysis on our latest XRF instrumentation line
  • Expand your application knowledge on complementary analytical methods like particle size analysis using laser diffraction and structural / phase analysis using X-ray diffraction
  • Bring your samples for the training and demonstration
  • Opportunity to book one-on-one time with our applications manager to discuss your challenges (see hyperlink above)