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Drug discovery

Fast-track research programs from target identification to clinic


Discover your next small molecule drug product and get it to market faster, eliminating risks and meeting regulatory requirements in a fraction of the time. 

  • Work with industry experts to define your candidate profile and establish a purposeful screening cascade.
  • Use enhanced analytical methods to fail candidates fast or accelerate development. 
  • Optimize leads to define the path for success. 

When you’re in the business of small molecule drug discovery, speed is everything. No one can afford to spend time developing a drug that won’t make it to market. You have to act quickly to find a large number of potential candidates and then drop them fast, selecting only the most promising to make it to the development stages. 

The challenge

Knowledge is everything and in this fast-paced environment, drug discovery must be lean, targeted, dynamic and based on sound data analytics. But, with stretched resources, difficulties in deciphering multiparameter datasets and team members pulled in many directions, time slips away. 

This leads to project stagnation, a lack of data, a difficult decision-making process and ultimately late-stage failures. And the later they are, the more expensive they become. 

The solution

There is another way… 

By combining a dynamic mixture of:

  • Powerful AI-driven drug identification and optimization technology.
  • Medicinal, regulatory and industry experts that can work flexibly and as closely with your team as needed.
  • A dedicated project management approach with a singular focus on getting your drug to market in the quickest way possible.

Suddenly, drug discovery is very much closer to market launch. 

Take a deep dive into each of our drug discovery services: 

Computer-aided drug design

Sitting across every element of our drug discovery process, we offer the very best in data crunching, hypothesis creating, virtual screening and in silico modeling through computer-aided drug design. 

Our clients make the most of our proprietary, open-source and commercial software and databases to:

  • Combine in silico and in vitro methods to evaluate the potential of biological targets to respond to drugs. 
  • Develop structure-based designs based on known protein structure or ligand-based strategies to identify high-quality scaffolds.
  • Run accurate, high-throughput virtual screening for cost-effective hit identification. 
  • Identify potent, selective, efficacious and safe compounds for preclinical evaluation. 

Hit identification

Knowledge is power when it comes to identifying potential drug candidates. With a wealth of published and proprietary information at our fingertips, we’ll derive chemical start points – whether its structure-based design, ligand-based scaffolds or even fragment screening for difficult-to-drug biologics. 

With liquid-handling technology and our biophysical/biochemical expertise, our medium-throughput screening can screen up to 25,000 compounds to find new candidates for previously untreatable conditions. 

Hit to lead

Drug discovery is perhaps the most exacting innovation there is. Nearly every potential compound must be discarded to find the precious few that will make it through to drug development. 

This process needs to be fast, yet accurate. It needs to succinctly define the target lead criteria and follow a screening cascade to triage compounds.  

Our design-make-test-analyze process optimizes biological activity, selectivity and pharmacokinetic profiling to select the most promising candidates.  

[CLS - drug discovery design make test analyze process diagram.png] CLS - drug discovery design make test analyze process diagram.png

Lead optimization

Lead optimization is all about the bigger picture and understanding all the requirements for success. Our lead optimization process is centered on developing and testing a purposeful scientific hypothesis to identify the best development candidate. 

We define efficacy studies, potency levels and drug delivery methods and then widen the view again to define the IP scope and understand the competitive landscape. 

Target identification and validation

When the drug candidate comes closer to preclinical stages, our range of in vitro and in vivo assays and experiments accurately mimic human models. Developers can understand the mode of action and potential targets and see how the drug might transfer from animal to human. 

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