Highscore software update v5.2

Software download for Highscore software v5.2

General features

  • Complete integration of all tasks within one user interface
  • Powerful search-match algorithm
  • Reference databases
  • User-owned reference data is kept separate from the commercial databases and can be stored in as many separate user databases as you like. All databases (commercial or user-owned) can contain reference data, structure data and reference scans.
  • Document-based structure with history and multiple datasets
  • Automating your analyses
  • Making your work easy using automatic reports
  • State-of-the-art profile fit with 3 model functions and options
  • Extensive help system and tutorials for self-study
  • Data exchange by XRDML, text and binary scan file formats of all major suppliers

Highscore 5.2 release: new features

HighScore version 5.2 with/without the Plus option is a new minor version release. Here are the new and updated capabilities compared to HighScore 5.1:

  • Simulation and fitting of the atomic radial pair-distribution function in an easy automatic  way (or in manual mode).
  • General switch to either fit/simulate XRD or PDF data.
  • Simulation and fitting of partial PDFs (selected atom pairs only).
  • Quantification of multiple PDF phases.
  • Refining multiple PDFs and/or different ranges of one PDF sequentially through Smart Batch.
  • Restoring Smart Batch (or any other action based on a parameter set) from the history of a Document (HPF/HPF2), enabling easy way to transport a Smart Batch to another PC.
  • New ICDD PDF-4+/Web licenses are supported.
  • A new background determination method based on a cubic spline function.
  • 2D Data denoising with Principal Component Analysis (PCA).
  • Faster fits on big models by more parallelization.
  • All HighScore parameters available in scripts.
  • High DPI monitor problems fixed.
  • From version 5.2 onwards, every HPF2 document based on XRDML files contains the zipped XRDML data. This allows the creation of a complete report, containing the full instrumental configuration, the original measured data plus all analysis details.
  • Forwards compatibility: It is possible to open any old *.HPF HighScore document in version 5.2.
  • Backwards compatibility: It is not possible to open a new *.HPF2 document from version 5.2 in elder versions of HighScore. However, you can save documents in the old .HPF  format for a partial backwards compatibility.

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Release notes

Recommended system configuration

  • Designed for and running on Windows 8.1 (64-bit) and Windows 10 (64-bit) Current Branch for Business operating systems.
  • A PC configuration matching the (minimum) hardware requirements for the desired Windows operation system will be sufficient.
  • Support of 21 CFR Part 11 with HighScore is possible with the newly release OmniTrust and OmniAccess solutions.
  • For existing Audit Trail customers, we have made an End Of Life version of HighScore 4.9. HighScore 5.0 onwards is not compatible with the Audit Trail solution.

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