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Accelerate the development of future battery technologies

Battery research solutions for next-generation developments

Seeking disruptive solutions 

Despite large-scale commercialization, battery technologies still aren’t developing fast enough to meet ever-evolving consumer needs: high specific energy and power, faster charging times, improved sustainability, better safety standards, and lower costs.

That gives battery researchers a critical challenge: discovering safe, high-performance, next-generation technologies, while also ensuring that these technologies use cost-effective, environmentally friendly materials.

Empower your research with intrusive insight

Successfully developing new, high-performance battery materials requires research that dives into hidden materials dimensions to explore the least-understood materials characteristics.

In our battery research brochure, you’ll find out all about the technologies that enable this in-depth research. Check it out to discover the possibilities.

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Helping you power the future

Your goal is to deliver novel technologies. We can help you get there faster. As a trusted partner in your battery research, we offer a unique set of physical, chemical, and structural analysis solutions, often customized to meet a diverse range of the most challenging tasks. Providing the highest-quality, most accurate data quality, our analytical solutions and expertise will help you perfect the smallest details.

What can our solutions do for you?

With our wide range of analytical solutions, you’ll be able to:

Want to find out more?

Download our brochure to discover more about how our analytical solutions can support your battery research.

Why not get in touch?

We’d love to hear about your challenges and discuss how we can help you solve them. Reach out to us using our form and one of our experts will be in touch for a chat.

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Enabling battery manufacturing innovation

Learn about the current battery landscape and the future of battery technologies.