Consumer products

Providing solutions for the consumer products sector

Consumer products include cosmetics, household chemicals, personal care and healthcare products. These come in a range of different forms and have specific functions and benefits depending on their target market.

Industry and product requirements can change relatively quickly in the consumer sector based on market trends and regulatory demands and it is imperative that manufacturers are able to respond quickly to changes in the market environment.

Malvern’s range of analytical instruments and application solutions can assist this process by helping to

  • Reduce formulation time
  • Ensure formulation stability
  • Verify product performance and consumer acceptance
  • Optimize manufacturing conditions
  • Monitor quality
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory standards
  • Benchmark products
  • Develop appropriate packaging.

Whether a product is a powder, tablet, liquid or suspension; particle size, shape, surface charge, and molecular weight and rheological properties can all have a significant impact on product performance and quality. While some of these individual physical properties may be critical for a specific application, it is often their interplay which is responsible for defining the complex behavior required for market acceptance in many consumer products.