Use of engineered nanoparticles in consumer products is resulting in nanoparticles in drinking water sources.

Subsequent nanoparticle breakthrough into treated drinking water is a potential exposure route and human health threat. Therefore testing of filters and filtration process for nanoparticles is becoming more important.

Not only do waste water treatment plants need to monitor the capability of their processes for removing nanoparticles they also need to be aware of the potential for nanoparticles to foul conventional filtration systems. Therefore optimizing prefiltration processes for the removal of nanoparticles is an effective way of minimizing any fouling issues.

Malvern Panalytical offer a range of instruments that are fast, reliable and simple to use, giving you accurate and reproducible information about your product.

Linha Zetasizer

Zetasizer WT

Linha Zetasizer Zetasizer WT

Os sistemas mais usados no mundo inteiro para medição de nanopartículas, tamanho de partículas biomoleculares e coloides e de carga de partículas

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