For milling applications the ability to monitor critical process parameters provides information to:

  • Consistently meet tightly defined product specifications
  • Minimize waste.
  • Optimize energy consumption.
  • Maximize throughput.
  • Instantly detect a process upset.

Milling is often required to reduce particle size to meet a specification that defines product performance. Consistently meeting that specification is a key to market-leading product ensuring continuous quality. However, the energy-intensive nature of milling makes it essential to eliminate excessive particle size reduction. For many processes automated mill control based on real-time particle size measurement is a proven strategy for driving down energy consumption and increasing throughput. By preventing an unplanned shutdown, instant upset detection can dwarf the potential for other savings, especially where high throughputs are involved.

Milling processes span the gram to 100 t/h scale, while the need to track particle size from entry to exit demands a relatively broad size range. The proven process interfaces built around the Malvern Panalytical Insitec sensors ensure an optimized solution for any application. They range from: a two-stage system for high tonnage coarse abrasives to a simple eductor for low flow rate systems. Automation options extend from simple data presentation to functionality for integrated multivariate automated control.

Working in partnership with milling technology providers and customers, Malvern Panalytical brings the analytical know-how that deliver product quality at a minimal variable cost.

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