Malvern Polylactide Characterization Technology Package

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00:00:00 Polylactide Characterization Technology Package GPC + DSV
00:01:12 Polylactide Characterization Technology Package GPC + DSV
00:01:59 Malvern Polymer Characterization Technology Packages: A Six Part 2012 Webinar Series
00:02:41 Polymer Life Cycle From Cradle to Grave and Beyond
00:06:11 Introduction
00:08:08 Separation Process
00:08:40 GPC Techniques
00:10:15 Triple/ Tetra Detection
00:10:42 Triple/Tetra Detector Array (TDA)
00:13:16 Principles of Light Scattering - MW
00:13:52 Triple Tetra Detection by SEC/GPC
00:14:25 GPC of PLA-1 in Chloroform
00:15:32 GPC of PLA-2 in Chloroform
00:15:42 Summary of PLA GPC Data in Chloroform
00:16:27 What is Dilute Solution Viscosity (DSV)?
00:16:42 Traditional Measurement
00:17:07 Nomenclature for Solution Viscosity
00:17:24 Huggins/Kraemer Plot
00:18:08 How Does The Two Capillary Viscometer Work?
00:18:50 Dilute Solution Viscometer (DSV) System
00:18:57 Summary of PLA DSV Data in Chloroform
00:19:34 PLA IV Data in Chloroform – GPC vs DSV
00:20:37 Solvent Enhanced Light Scattering (SELS)
00:23:49 SELS of Polyhydroxy Alkonate (PHA) Black Line = LALS Signal in THF (dn/dc = 0.06) Green Line = LALS Signal in Chloroform (dn/dc = 0.03)
00:25:04 GPC of PLA-1 in THF
00:25:27 GPC of PLA-2 in THF
00:25:36 Summary of PLA GPC Data in THF
00:26:00 PLA IV Data – GPC (THF) vs DSV (Chloroform)
00:26:59 PLA GPC Data – Chloroform vs THF
00:27:19 SELS for PLA
00:28:29 SELS for PMTFMA
00:29:00 Final Conclusions
00:30:38 Contact Information
While Polylactide (PLA) is becoming more competitive as a substitute for many polymers in a variety of applications, there is a greater need for more complete characterization in molecular weight, molecular structure, processability and end-use performance. Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC) also known as Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC), Flow Injection Polymer Analysis (FIPA), Dilute Solution Viscosity (DSV), and Rheometry are very popular analytical techniques providing such vital and complementary information throughout a polymer life cycle, i.e., from concepts to commercial applications. This webinar will discuss how these techniques are being used in the measurement of molecular weight distribution, branching, viscosity and visco-elastic properties of PLA materials.