Cellulosics Characterization Technology Package

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00:00:00 Cellulosics Characterization Technology Package
00:01:19 Cellulosics Characterization Technology Package GPC + FIPA + DSV
00:02:28 Malvern Polymer Characterization Technology Packages: A Six Part 2012 Webinar Series
00:03:08 Polymer Life Cycle From Cradle to Grave and Beyond
00:07:28 Introduction
00:08:11 SEC/GPC Separation Process
00:08:24 Organic Cellulosics GPC Data
00:09:05 Cellulose Acetate
00:09:32 Cellulose Propionate
00:09:45 Ethyl Cellulose
00:09:51 MH Overlay of Organic Cellulosics
00:10:11 Flow Injection Polymer Analysis (FIPA) for Process and Quality Control
00:10:19 Industrial Application of Light Scattering and Viscometry
00:11:14 Flow Injection Polymer Analysis
00:12:15 GPC Techniques
00:12:54 Organic Cellulosics FIPA Data
00:13:12 FIPAGram of Cellulose Acetate
00:13:46 FIPAGram of Cellulose Propionate
00:14:04 FIPAGram of Ethyl Cellulose
00:14:19 Chitosan-A
00:16:04 Chitosan-B
00:16:09 Chitosan Data
00:17:04 MH Overlay of Chitosan A & B
00:17:16 MH Overlay of Chitosans & Pullulan
00:17:26 MH Overlay of Chitosans, Pullulan & Dextran
00:17:48 Functionalizing Chitosan
00:18:21 Functionalizing Chitosan
00:18:40 Benzylated Chitosan
00:18:51 HPMC Structure Analysis
00:20:12 Final Conclusions
00:22:19 Contact Information
Cellulose is the most abundant natural polymer on the planet. This webinar will present multi-detector size exclusion chromatography data from cellulose derivatives in both aqueous and organic solvents and discuss related applications