Introducing Archimedes, Particle Metrology system

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00:00:00 Introduction to ARCHIMEDES “Mass Measurement on a Different Scale”
00:02:29 Agenda
00:03:18 700 Malvern employees worldwide
00:04:19 The Biopharmaceutical Shift
00:05:28 Malvern’s Commitment to Biopharma
00:07:17 ARCHIMEDES Preview
00:08:25 How ARCHIMEDES Works
00:08:32 Technology: Resonant Mass Measurement
00:08:55 Measuring Particle Mass in Fluid
00:09:37 Measuring Particle Mass in Fluid
00:10:02 Sensors Fabricated via MEMS
00:12:00 ARCHIMEDES’ Instrumentation
00:13:23 ARCHIMEDES in Action
00:13:51 2 Micron Particles
00:14:19 Particle Properties and Statistics
00:14:56 Superior Particle Metrology
00:15:41 ARCHIMEDES: a Complete System
00:16:22 ARCHIMEDES for Analysis of Protein Formulations
00:16:29 ARCHIMEDES Addresses a Key Size Range
00:17:36 ARCHIMEDES’ Analysis of Human IgG
00:18:45 Silicone Oil in Protein Formulations
00:19:46 ARCHIMEDES distinguishes silicone oil from protein by buoyancy
00:20:42 ProteinOilTurboTrace
00:21:06 Comparison of IFN-Beta Products for Multiple Sclerosis with Jim Barnard and John Carpenter, U. Colorado
00:22:58 ARCHIMEDES’ Analysis of Aggregates vs. Oil in IFN-Beta Products
00:24:07 Method Comparison
00:25:10 Development of Aggregates in Stressed Protein Formulations
00:26:57 Determining Particle Density
00:28:35 ARCHIMEDES’ Advantages for Protein Characterization
00:30:01 Further Applications of ARCHIMEDES
00:30:11 Nanoparticles: 57 nm + 100 nm Au
00:30:48 Bacteria and Cell Growth
00:33:13 References
00:33:32 For Further Information
00:45:38 Closing Slide
An introduction to Archimedes, the technique of resonant mass measurement, and how this technology is vital in understanding and monitoring early aggregation events in your biopharmaceutical formulation