Fluorescence Masterclass 2 - Be data driven

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00:00:00 Welcome
00:01:24 Fluorescence Masterclass II-
00:02:03 This presentation discusses
00:02:40 NanoSight instruments for detecting fluorescence
00:02:48 Fluorescence Options Available
00:03:22 NanoSight Range for Detecting Fluorescence
00:04:17 Connecting the syringe pump
00:04:22 Syringe pump connection
00:04:58 Syringe pump connection
00:05:37 Syringe pump connection
00:05:59 Syringe pump flow
00:06:50 Controls
00:07:18 Controls
00:08:41 Example 1
00:09:03 Sample information
00:09:44 Instrument information
00:10:48 Initial light scatter measurement
00:10:48 Instrument information
00:11:17 Measurement in Fluorescent mode
00:11:17 Instrument information
00:11:38 Overlay within the software
00:11:38 Other examples in fluorescence mode
00:11:48 Low fluorescence/particle
00:11:48 Fluorescence excess
00:11:48 Controls
00:12:01 Buffer
00:12:01 Non-labelled sample
00:12:01 Fluorophore alone 1
00:12:01 Fluorophore alone 2
00:12:01 Quantum dots
00:12:01 And Finally
00:12:09 Photobleaching & Airbubbles
00:12:21 Photobleaching
00:12:21 Airbubbles
00:12:21 Summary
00:12:42 Questions?
00:17:52 Contact Information

Fluorescence is becoming an increasingly considered as a tool within nanoparticle characterisation. The ability to positively identify particular subsets of nanoparticles within a sample is especially important for applications in life science, drug delivery, virology and exosomes research. In this second Fluorescence Masterclass we will discuss how to make measurements with NanoSight NTA and how this differs from measurements using light scatter. Next we will discuss which controls are appropriate for your sample.  And finally we will help you understand how the visual nature of NTA can aid in the generation of fluorescent nanoparticle.