Industrial automation: On-line analysis of precursor and electrode materials

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Part One of the webinar

Battery manufacturing is a multi-step production process – starting from cathode materials manufacturing to slurry formulation for electrode coating, before assembling the battery cells. While lab analysis tools are good for the research and development phase, these are inefficient in optimizing processes at mass-scale production. On-line analytical tools, providing rapid and accurate monitoring of process parameters, are ideal for improving quality and consistency in continuous production environments.

Significant savings can be achieved with on-line monitoring of precursor particles as these nucleate and grow to reach the desired size, optimizing both the yield and product consistency. Likewise, on-line control of electrode particle size right after the mill, can help minimize waste, as the tolerance limits on electrode particle size are usually quite stringent. This part of the webinar reviews the various size characterization techniques and underlines how advanced laser diffraction-based analysis is the most accurate, cost-effective solution for battery materials characterization.

Part Two of the webinar

Since the start of mass production of secondary battery cells, the default measurement technology for the coating process lines has been the Beta (Krypton 85) sensor technology. While this technology has the capability of measuring the coating weight of electrode materials, higher measurement capabilities are needed for today’s exacting performance energy storage devices.

This second part of the webinar reviews the latest developments in measurement technology that provides manufacturers with greater visibility (and control) of their coating lines. This insight helps Lithium Ion Battery cell manufacturers to understand the dynamics of the coating process, enabling the production of cells with better and more consistent anode and cathode coating uniformity. The presentation also addresses the benefits of higher spatial resolution measurement, higher speed of measurement and reproducibility of measurement as it pertains to coating uniformity.


Oliver Schmitt, Director Business Development 'Process and Automation Solutions' at Malvern Panalytical and
Guest speakers Gareth Joseph, Global Business Director - LiB Technology Solutions and Ahmad Shishegar - Chief Technology Officer at NDC Technologies.

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  • Who should attend?

- Anyone interested in on-line automation of (battery) materials analysis
- Anyone in the battery manufacturing or research space

  •  What will you learn?

- You will gain an understanding of industrial automation of electrode materials analysis