Why PFTNA Material Analysis Is Crucial For Greener Steel

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This webinar gives insight into the PFTNA technology, and how using PFTNA brings value to the iron & steel industry. We will also share the best practices from other steel plants and tips to improve your production process.

Steel producers need to monitor the quality of the raw material feed entering their steel plant, as well as intermediate products such as sinter. By providing real-time analysis of your raw-mix and coke properties, cross-belt analyzers enable you to react immediately to anomalies – enabling consistently high sinter quality, efficient sintering, and blast furnace processes with maximum profitability.

One particularly exciting technique for sinter analysis is the D–T Pulsed Fast Thermal Neutron Activation (D-T PFTNA). This method has several advantages. Firstly, the pulsed neutron means PFTNA delivers high sensitivity with unmatched performance stability. It is also safer than radioactive isotope-based methods: not only does it generate no hazardous waste, but the neutron flow can automatically switch-off whenever operators are nearby or during maintenance.


  • Rajendra Mishra - Product Manager PFTNA, Malvern Panalytical

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Who should attend? 

Production Managers, QC Managers, Plant Managers, Assistant Plant Managers, Laboratory Managers, Innovation Managers, Quality Control Inspectors, Process Engineers, Chief Manufacturing Executives and Operations Managers in the Metals industry

What will you learn? 

  • How PFTNA technology works
  • Where it can be used during iron and steel manufacturing
  • What value it brings for the iron and steel manufacturers