State-of-the-art XRD analysis of steel and alloys

Combining multiple applications on one instrument to optimize sample characterization

Two hardened steel samples originating from different steps in the hardening process were analyzed using a specific solution for steel analysis. Sample-1 was taken right after the quenching step, sample-2 additionally underwent an annealing step.
Retained austenite, crystallite size & microstrain, residual stress and texture measurements on both samples were performed to identify differences in sample properties resulting from the different stages in the process.

Steel and metal alloys as well as coatings that are deposited on them, are subject to extensive monitoring and testing during and after the production process, due to their various applications in demanding environments. The knowledge of material properties such as phase composition, crystallite size and microstrain, residual stress, as well as texture is essential for the later usage of metal parts. These properties have a direct influence on the metals' capacity to resist loads and other mechanical and physical forces. Hence a multipurpose diffraction platform that can measure all before-mentioned properties of a bulk or coated steel samples is desired in order to determine the product quality as well as to predict potential failure.


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