ASTM C114-13 compliance for cement fused beads with the robust SDD10 detector

X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy (XRF) has an important and well-established analytical role within the cement industry. It is used extensively for production and quality control for the elemental analysis of raw materials, alternative fuels and finished products.

Low-power benchtop energy dispersive XRF instruments (EDXRF) were never considered a reliable analytical tool in this environment, since they could not satisfy the relevant international ASTM and ISO cement test methods. Innovations in X-ray tube and detector technology resulted in the Epsilon 3XLE; the high-end benchtop spectrometer with superior sensitivity for light elements due to its SDD detector. In combination with the Eagon 2, a fully automatic fusion system, the Epsilon 3XLE complies with the latest cement testing methods of ASTM C114-13. 


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